Welcome to JustJusdene! My name is Jusdene and this blog is about all of the things that I thoroughly enjoy. For the most part, this blog will be about fashion. But, I do enjoy a number of other things including hockey, travel, and music. I originally wanted to name this blog something related to fashion, but I didn’t want to constrain my range of content into one small theme, so we’ll just have to stick with JustJusdene. Occasionally, I will feature my friends in my posts. This is because I love my friends, and I think we are all strikingly unique when it comes to fashion – so you’ll get a mix of different points of views and styles.

This blog is primarily for my PUB101 course + quarantine boredom.

More About Jusdene

I find it really difficult to talk about myself, but here’s my attempt at an introduction???

My name is Jusdene. I’m a fourth-year business student, concentrating in marketing. I also plan on getting a communications minor (and possible publishing minor, but we’ll see). In my free time, I like watching fashion videos on YouTube, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspiration, or watching hockey-related content.

I’m normally a pretty quiet person before truly getting to know me, so this blog zooms past the awkward phase and instead, you’re getting to know me super well.

When we’re finally allowed to go back outside safely, I can’t wait to travel to new places. Regardless of whether it is far or near, I enjoy places with nice views and pretty sunsets.

If the pandemic wasn’t happening right now, you would most likely find me in either of two places. I am usually tucked into a corner in a café studying while sipping on a hot chocolate, or out watching a hockey game. There’s really no in-between for me, to be honest.

But, considering we are in the middle of a pandemic right now, I’m usually in a hoodie and sweats chilling at home. In contrast, this blog challenges me to get out of my comfy clothing and actually do things fun and adventurous. With that being said, join me on my journey!