My Picks for the Aritzia Winter Event Sale

The end of November is always a good time for Aritzia friends to stock up on their favourite pieces, so here are my picks for what to buy during their sale. They started their Black Five-Day Warm-Up sale today, which includes some items for a deep discount. Their clientèle pre-sale event goes from November 20th-25th, where everything is basically 10-20% off. This sale goes out to the public from the 26th-30th. I will be including items that are both from the deep discount section as well as regular discount items. The only thing to keep in mind is the Aritzia return policy can be dodgy when it comes to sale items, so make sure to review that + the size/colour you are buying before you make the final decision.

Deep Discounts

These items are a part of the Black Five-Day Warm-Up sale that started today, so I think these items will sell out pretty quick. Get your hands on them before they’re gone.

The Kahlo Robe

Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

This is more of a spring/summer item, but I personally think it’s such a classic piece that it will never go out of style. Originally $228, it’s now discounted at $113.99. I was originally going to buy this one at regular price, but thankfully it’s on sale! I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see this robe at such a discounted price, so this one is my #1 pick for this sale. The ‘Bone’ and ‘Stone Taupe’ colours are really nice and versatile.

The Hadwyn Blouse

Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

This is another item that I wanted during the summer but I couldn’t justify the price. Originally at $110, now at $54.99 – you can’t really beat that price. It’s a really nice blouse that can be dressed up or dressed down.

The Freshman Pant

Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

High-rise straight-leg pants are really in fashion right now, and these ones are spot-on for the season. These ones are at $48.99 down from $98. I would buy these if I wasn’t so short, but if you’re a bit taller than 5’2 then these would be amazing. I love the way that they styled them on the website. Preppy = in.

The Everly Camisole

Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

These camisoles are extremely easy to pair with blazers or coats if you aren’t into the cropped-style of many other camisoles. The silhouette is classic and modest. They’re also double-lined so it won’t be see-through. These ones are at $28.99 down from $58.

Regular Discounts

As I said earlier, the whole store is 10-20% off when the sale is released to the public from November 26th-30th.


Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

All of their sweat-fleece items are selling out really quick, so pick them up before they are all gone. They have a multitude of different fits + rises on their crewnecks, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. With that being said, it’s super easy to find a fit that will cater to anyone and everyone. I’m a personal fan of their mega sets – the mega sweatpants and mega crew sweatshirts. The oversized fit on these pieces are *chef’s kiss* so go check those ones out if you aren’t sure what you’ll enjoy. Here’s a link to their sweat-fleece guide if you wanna check out their designated page for their sweatsuits. I really enjoy the way that they advertise their sweatsuits on this page.

The Super Puff!!

Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

From my experience from previous years, this is the only time that the Super Puff goes on sale. If you’ve been eyeing them for a while – now is the time. I made a whole post about the Super Puff, so if you want to know more about my thoughts about the Super Puff, check it out here!

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