We’ve found THE jacket: The Aritzia TNA Super Puff

TNA’s Super Puff has taken over North America for the past few winters, in which every woman (and recently, man) is donning the puffer jacket once it hits below 10 degrees celsius. Especially in large cities across Canada like Vancouver and Toronto; this is a part of the winter girl uniform. But, the Super Puff became the puffer jacket of the season for good reason. So, there’s no need to be ashamed of being basic when you’re wearing the TNA Super Puff since it matches everything 🙂

The jacket gained a lot of popularity in 2018 when Kendall Jenner became an Aritzia Partner and posted Instagram photos in the iconic red Super Puff. Her post currently sits at over 3 million likes. A number of memes were created around the jacket, which also led to its extreme hype. Laughs surely came about when Aritzia released the “Mega Puff Meme” as a result of a photoshopped version of the same photo of Kendall Jenner in the Super Puff except extremely oversized.

I’ve followed the Super Puff trend for the past few winters, so it’s always exciting to anticipate what kind of special campaign or updated version of the jacket they bring out every winter.


Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

The jacket comes in a number of styles – original, short, mid, long, vest, and their men’s line! Aritzia has definitely chased the Super Puff hype by coming out with a number of “Super” products alongside their original jackets including gloves, totes, and lil’ pupper jackets to match! This year, they extended their product range by coming out with new materials and new styles like the long vest and an extended men’s line.

The sizes range from 3XS to 1X, but I’ve found that they run extremely large. I normally wear an XS/S and have found that I’m able to fit into a 2XS or even a 3XS. If you get your regular size, it will be extremely oversized, but if that’s your style, go for it!

For the original matte version, the down feathers inside the jacket tend to come out throughout usage. But, other materials like the soft-shine or high-shine don’t have this problem. Also, they deflate with time. For example, if you usually wear a backpack to school, the backside of the jacket ends up being a bit flatter than the rest.

From a few reviews I’ve watched on YouTube, and even a few friends, they’ve said that this keeps them warmer than other high-end jackets like popular Canada Goose jackets. The inner-sleeve with the thumbhole is really handy at keeping the warmth inside. Usually, my hands get extremely cold, so the fleecy pockets are a must-have. The cinch at the bottom of the jacket also keeps it extra toasty.

There’s no fear behind washing it, as it can be thrown into the washer! 🙂

As stated earlier, they come out with new materials and colours every single year, and this year they have over 65 colours! So, whether you’re into neutrals or wild colours, there’s one out there for you. I personally like the look of the bright colours contrasted against the black accents on the zipper and inner sleeves, but some of their newer versions have the same coloured zippers and inner sleeves if the contrast isn’t your cup of tea!

There’s just so much to say about this jacket that if I kept going on I could make a whole essay about it. But, for now, I’ll shut up about it. Here’s the link to their guide about the jacket. Just go out and buy one or at least try one on and tell me what you guys think!

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