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Process Post #2: Set-Up + Mini Assignment #1

Process Post #2: Set-Up + Mini Assignment #1

I had a lot of fun customizing my blog this week. The backend of WordPress is very reminiscent of customizing my Tumblr back in the day, so I didn’t have too much trouble choosing a theme. I initially chose a more minimal theme (which is what my vision board consists of), however, I realized that it didn’t have a lot of functions compared to other ones. The theme that I currently have is still very minimal, but, it has a lot of tools that I can customize to fit my aesthetic. I like the little pop of colour amidst the black and white, which is also something that I can change according to how I am feeling. The layout of the pictures, the spacing of the text, as well as the different fonts, mesh well together. I had some difficulty figuring out how to switch up my menus at the top of the page so that my posts could show up underneath them, but it only took a bit of toggling to resolve. Other than that slight obstacle, I really like how it has turned out so far! I can’t wait to see all of my posts in the carousel on the front page and underneath categories.

The featured image of this post was actually just a test run for my meme of the week, but below is the actual meme I went for. I ended up searching for dogs in hoodies (two things that I love to no end) and I ended up in a rabbit hole on @boobie_billie’s Instagram! You guys should check this account out for amazing dog+fashion hybrid photos. The aesthetic is a solid 11/10. Hopefully, my future dog will be as stylish as this one. The pictures that I used in this meme are originally from @boobie_billie.

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