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Process Post #7: Always Room for Growth and Improvement

I get really anxious when it comes to peer review activities, but hey, it’s something that I’m constantly working on! I’ve come to realize that I’m my own biggest critic, and peer review activities are important for growth. Also, peer reviews help you get the perspective of a stranger, which can help you clarify aspects of your blog that may be confusing to your audience. This is what happened in my case.

After receiving my review, I let out a sigh of relief because Genevieve gave a lot of helpful suggestions! Consequently, I spent a few hours working on my theme – something that I haven’t done since I created this blog. Now that I have a lot more posts up, I can finally understand how some of the features of the theme work.

As Genevieve suggested, I created a header image for my homepage that gives a brief introduction to the website. This suggestion was really helpful because I didn’t think about the people clicking on the homepage who may not know who I am or what I write about. I also wasn’t really happy with the carousel aspect of my homepage that I used previously. I feel like it didn’t maximize the use of space and swiped through the posts too slowly. So, I opted for a static set of posts instead. To showcase my fashion blog posts more, I decided to keep those ones at the top. The images for those posts are aesthetically-pleasing and they fit the image that I am trying to portray.

I went back to some of my posts at the beginning of the semester and tweaked a few things. I tried embedding Instagram posts automatically but it didn’t seem to work, so I ended up doing it manually using the code editor interface. I also changed some of the wording in my headlines to make them sound better. I played around with the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin. I added it to my sidebar so that you can see my Instagram posts while scrolling through blog posts. I’m not 100% sure whether I’m happy with it yet, but it’s getting there.

I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to the design aspects of this website, so I get really worked up over small imperfections. But, it feels really satisfying when I finally get it right!

My plan for next week is to change all of my featured images so that they’re all the same size, so stay tuned!

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